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Shop and Earn Online Shopping Center

Hello, My name is Marvin Mize (Messy0Marv) I am retired and beginning a shop at home business. This will be my frist business of my own. Please help me get started.I hope to get otheres in the same business when this project is up and going.

Messy0Marv's Gift Shop is new to the internet. Here we provide a small sample of our gifts. There are over 3,000 in the large catologe and new products coming almost daily.
New product will be added to our online catologe every week untill it is filled. then the gifts will eb rotated about 3 or four new ones every week.

Our gifts enclude a large varity of jewery and unique collectibles over 3,000 in all. There is something for everyone.

Our new internet business is for your arm chair shopping pleasure. If you would like your purchase sent to someone other than your address just ask, there is no extra charge for that.

Thank You for shopping with us and please return ofter and don't forget to use the discounts. You will be glad you did.
Have a nice day.

Messy0Marv's Gift Shop is in it's infant stage. We hope to grow to a strong and thriving business with your assistance. Help us grow with the internet. We will show Discount Stores how to really save you money.

Our business is only as good as the people who shop here. Our primary job to to obtain repete shoppers. Then we will know we did something right.

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It's a great day to shop.
Marvin (Messy0Marv) Mize